21 January 2015

Ninja Club

For reals though. Edmonton's newest ramen joint has opened up on Whyte Ave and it might just be one of my new favorite places. Called Ninja Club Japanese Bistro, it's located in the same building as Twist Ultra Lounge. The restaurant itself is very small and has a homey atmosphere inside that can be reminiscent of a traditional Japanese home. (One suggestion for the owner is to increase the ventilation though, the ramen already warms me up enough!) Ninja Club's main focus is on ramen and with an offering of 5 ramens for around $10-$12, it's affordable. They also have sushi and donburi (rice bowl dishes), though.

I know many people are wondering how Ninja Club compares to Nomiya, especially if you follow me on Snapchat cause I never replied to my own question in my Snapchat story :P Read the end to find out!

17 January 2015

Qup Cafe

I've been wanting to try Qup Cafe for a while now and finally had the chance to last night. My friends and I usually go for bubble tea and we decided to go to Qup Cafe. It's a smaller bubble tea place close to the University Area, on the upper floor of the building right beside Upper Crust Cafe. They have a few tables for dining in and a set of comfy looking couches. The atmosphere is very relaxing and laid-back, with a few board games for friends who wanna hang out. Their menu isn't too overpriced and consists of snacks and bubble tea. For snacks, there are desserts and savoury items such as soup noodles, fish balls, and chicken dumplings. Their bubble tea comes in milk, fresh fruit, and combination flavours.

Strawberry crepe, green tea ferrero rocher, tareo, and watermelon bubble teas