28 February 2015

De Dutch

Throwback to Frequency weekend a few weeks ago when I had the best recovery breakfast everrrr. After a night of raving for 6 hours, my friends and I decided to go to De Dutch the next morning. I've been here a few times before but for some reason it tasted extra delicious that day. 

De Dutch is a Dutch brunch restaurant on Jasper Ave that specializes in pancakes and breakfast food. It's a Vancouver based chain that opened up their only Edmonton location a little over 2 years ago. They have a whole page on their menu dedicated to "pannekoeken" which is basically a huge Dutch pancake that comes with different toppings. They also have other breakfast items with a Dutch twist on it, and lunch items as well. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very bright and vibrant but it's inviting and comfy at the same time. I feel like I could sit in there for hours and be fine with it. 

Noms for days

18 February 2015

Local Yegger: Contessa Macarons

Looks like Duchess might have some competition in town...

One day, I was looking at pictures of YEG food on Instagram which is basically a part of my daily routine. I stumbled upon Contessa Macarons which is run by a lovely lady named Angelina Contini. She makes French macarons from scratch, from her own home in Edmonton. I'd have to say that they're super amazing.. so good that I finished the box in a day :( Angelina has a set list of flavours that changes every month that you can pre-order. Orders come in a dozen for $20 and they're enclosed in a cute craft style box that she hand stamps and brands (handmade with love ♡)!