21 September 2014

Rostizado - By Tres Carnales

Ahh a very delayed post from me! I was super excited for Rostizado to open and checked it out on the day of their first lunch service, last month. Well.. Edmonton needs a lot more restaurants like Rostizado! Owned by the same owners as Tres Carnales. the concept of Rostizado is authentic modern Mexican dining. The interior of the restaurant itself is beautiful and artistic, with fresh smells of Mexican food in the air and a lively environment.

The open kitchen gives diners the opportunity to watch the food being made! 

My friend and I both ordered a rosti-pollo cemita ($16). A cemita is a sandwich that is a very popular Mexican street food. At Rostizado, the cemita uses a fresh sesame seed baked bun filled with shredded roasted chicken, salsa, and pulled cheese. There was a good amount of the chicken, which was tender and flavorful. The cemita was accompanied with roasted potatoes that came with a mild spicy salsa. The potatoes completed the cemita by adding a saltier taste to the meal!

The number one rule is to always leave room for dessert! We decided to try both of the desserts they had to offer, and we knew we had made the right choice. 

The Flan de Queso ($7) can be described as a Mexican creme brulee. The custard was rich and creamy, drenched in a caramel sauce and topped with some sweet pecans. 

Churros are becoming quite popular in town nowadays! If you're not sure what churros are, they're strips of fried Mexican dough covered in sugar and cinammon. You will love them if you have a sweet tooth (like me). The dulce de leche sauce that it was served with the perfect pairing!

Rostizado is a must-try so get there fast because they don't take reservations!

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Address: 10359 104 Street


I've already been to Zenari's many times but didn't decide to blog about it until now. Zenari's is located in Manulife Place on the main floor, right across from Holt Renfrew. To me, Zenari's is a mix between a gourmet fast food place and a European cafe. Their food is made quick yet everything is fresh and delicious. Their prices are more than the food court but less than an actual restaurant. They specialize in Italian food, such as crostinis (pizza on sourdough bread), pastas, lasagna, and risotto. Zenari's has a set menu with countless menu items but they also have a daily special menu. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.

During my last outing to Zenari's, I had lunch with a friend. I ordered the breakfast crostini and an Earl Grey tea latte while she had a small cup of Italian sausage soup and a half order of pesto pasta. I felt that I've had better Earl Grey tea lattes elsewhere because I mainly tasted milk instead of the tea for some reason!

The breakfast crostini consists of ham, eggs, and cheese baked on sourdough bread. It was pretty filling for something under the breakfast section. 

My friend loves the pesto pasta here and always gets it whenever she comes!

The Italian Sausage soup was refreshing, with large pieces of Italian sausage amongst assorted vegetables. The soup was accompanied by a slice of buttered bread.

Zenari's has recently redone a section of their restaurant and I find that it resembles a European cafe. Very simple and minimalistic with wooden tables and artsy photos hung up on the wall.

Like always, my Zenari's experience was enjoyable. Some of my particular favorites from Zenari's that I would recommend are the lasagna and chicken pesto crostini.

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Address: 10180 101 Street