17 December 2014

Central Social Hall

I had the pleasure of being invited to Central Social Hall's new menu launch event a few weeks ago. Central is a gastropub located on the heart of Jasper Ave with an intent on adjusting their menu to appeal to tastier senses. They opened in 2012 by 2 Edmontonians - Jesse Kupina and Jerry Rota. These 2 men wanted to change the menu up to introduce more local and fresher options that would make dining at a gastropub enjoyable. With the help of Chef Reuben Major being flown in from Vancouver, a new menu was created and it certainly was outstanding for a gastropub!

Guests of the event were each welcomed with a glass of Glera sparkling wine. Offered as one of the 12 wines on tap at Central, the Glera sparkling wine tasted mainly of fresh peach with added floral hints. Crisp and clean.

Note: please don't mind my photography skills, I decided to take my DSLR camera out of hiding for the night but I still need a bit more practice with it!

04 December 2014

Kenko Japanese Cuisine

Kenko is one of those delicious restaurants that is pretty much impossible to find, even when you're looking for it. If someone asks me where to go for sushi, chances are that one of my answers would be Kenko. It's located in the same building as B Bim Baab, in the southside industrial area of the city. The main focus at Kenko is sushi, which is very fresh and presented nicely. The menu has tons and tons of sushi to choose from! I'm serious, the menu is pretty much endless. Along with sushi you can choose from tempura, teriyaki, udon, and dinner combinations (there's a dinner boat). The atmosphere of the restaurant can be described as warm and inviting, as the service was friendly and attentive. Even with the nice presentation and decent portions, the pricing at Kenko is reasonable and not overpriced!