28 March 2015

The Burger's Priest

The Burger's Priest is honestly a blessing to Edmonton.

We are the first location to open outside of Ontario and I cannot thank the owner enough. (Don't worry Calgarians - he told me that they're planning to open there as well). The Burger's Priest is located right downtown, in that little area on Jasper Ave with Save On Foods and such. I'm sure you know where I'm talking about. This modern burger joint is an order, pay, pick up, and eat kinda place. They have a few tables for you to eat your burgers while listening to the workers yell out "Vatican" and such burger names. Just a warning that you will leave the place smelling like you're the one that was cooking the burgers. But it's worth it, trust me. So what's on the menu? Burgers of course, they have your usual cheeseburgers (single or double patties) and then they have some quite unique burgers, such as portabello mushroom burgers, and burgers with grilled cheese for buns. Along with burgers there are 2 options for fries: regular and chilli cheese fries. Shakes are offered as well and for dessert there's ice cream, cookies, and ice cream sandwiches. If you're a vegetarian you're in luck because they do have a vegetarian "burger" called the option. And for the burger risk takers - they have a secret menu on their site that requires you to answer a suuuuper hard question. It took me 4 tries to answer it sadly. 

Side note: All these photos were taken at the complimentary training session since I was unable to attend the media session. My review is unbiased and based on my own sincere opinion.

I have returned to the Burger's Priest a few times after the training session and pricing wise, I'd have to say that it's a bit overpriced for a burger joint. Even though most of the burgers are "different" from other places, the portions may or may not fill you up depending on what you order. It's a good treat once in a while - pricing and health wise!

22 March 2015

Sushi Wasabi

The other night, my friend was craving Japanese food so we went to Sushi Wasabi. It actually felt nice to not pick the food place for once. My friends usually make me pick the place to eat since I'm a "foodie" and it actually gets pretty stressful sometimes!

 Sushi Wasabi is located on the southside in a little strip mall area, probably about 2 minutes away from Southgate Mall. It's a small and intimate restaurant that gives off a warm, cozy feel. Their dinnerware is super cute too. Since it was a Friday night, there was a small wait at the door when we got there but the food came out fast. The waitresses and chefs were super nice, too (we sat at the bar area right in front of where the sushi was made). The food was authentic and everything came out freshly made to order. They have your usual Japanese dishes such as sashami, beef tataki, and maki along with some in house specialities. Sake is also served as well if you're feeling like a drink.

Green tea for two and beef tataki