25 November 2014


It's called East but it's located north. East is a Malaysian restaurant that mixes Chinese cuisine into it, as well. Owned by the same team that operate Lazia and The Wildflower Grill, the setting is modern and clean. The walls are filled with artistic oriental pieces, standing out against the green-colored booths to carry out a vivid and colorful atmosphere. Their menu is filled with many pictures to showcase their creative Asian dishes, consisting of an even mix of Malaysian and Chinese cultural foods. It wasn't my first time at East but I still looked forward to the dining experience that night.

Lee House Korean BBQ

Finally a Korean BBQ restaurant that Edmontonians don't have to drive all the way south for! Conveniently located in Chinatown right across from Lucky 97 Supermarket, Lee House restaurant is the newest Korean addition in town. It's their second restaurant, with the first being near Whyte Ave. Their new location is thankfully more roomier and spacious than the original! Along with offering traditional Korean dishes on the menu, they also offer a Korean BBQ option. The BBQ option is to be ordered off the menu and it's charged by plate (not all you can eat, sadly). You have the option of either having the kitchen cook it for you or you can cook it yourself on the table grills! Of course we partially chose the latter since we wanted a KBBQ experience. 

The traditional Korean side dishes were included in our meal